My fantasy trip

I saw a face i know , a body i touch before , a voice so close to me , u reached my hands and said hello , i felt my blood frozen in my veins , not aware of surroundings i said how are you, in a whisper , long time indeed 10 years , you haven’t changed much. You sit beside me in a hall drinking coffee and i keep watching in silent. Let’s have a walk, you said, i followed you in silence. You are married , i said , you replied I’ve 2 children. I didn’t get married, i replied, you glanced at me. U still pretty , you said in whisper. I smiled. The hotel organizes trips to mountains area , let’s join , will be fun. I smiled and agreed. We get into the van sitting beside each other in silence, watching the road, i feel content and peace .just there in the woods you and me and the tour guide , u hold my hands tight , never let me stumbling or fall on the rocks. I feel protected , sheltered and comfort . We reached the camp at sunset , u sat beside me infront of fire eating and drinking in silent, i feel your arms on my shoulder , holding me tight watching the night stars. I was like a child just embracing you not want to let you go. As if we were saying, why didn’t we continue our relationship , we are entwined souls , is it regrets or sad feelings, but at least we are together for a took my hands and we went the tent , all i could feel that i was lying there beside you, touching your body , you are kissing my neck , i could feel my tears on your face , you just keep holding me tight , then i feel you inside me , i cling to your body , moving my fingers on your back tracing your spine.i feel your heavy breath on my hair.i wake up next morning, found you getting dressed and a smile on your face .i smile too. I miss u , i said. We reached the van you holding my hand , the silence is satisfying .we reached the hotel , each going to his room , 2 hours l left the hotel , leaving him a note “thank you, see you soon”.


  1. Intertwined souls at one time will choose to go seperate ways. If you are lucky, you will come back together but if not just each other enjoy their seperate lives.

    Thanks for sharing dear. Truthfully you have inspired me to write something. Will put it on my blog some time to come.

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    1. Lo Moe says:

      The problem is that pain is great

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  2. Yes, it is but when you are willing to be free from it, you will surely heal and move on.

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  3. Reblogged this on Joanitah Rebecca Mbeiza and commented:
    Intertwined souls at one time will choose to go seperate ways. If you are lucky, you will come back together but if not, just let each other enjoy their seperate lives in peace.

    The separation could have hurt. You probably met again. Made a mistake. Yes, a mistake that shouldn’t have happened if you had respected the fact that he moved on and let him be.

    Your hands and bodies will always remember where they have ever been so, to make things easier for both of you, don’t indulge your feelings when you eventually meet. Cheating and adultery are evils to stay away from.

    Accept the fact you left things off unfinished and you don’t have to finish them. Maybe if you two are still single then, go ahead. Remind yourselves what you were before you got separated but still, do it right. Fornication isn’t good either.

    You might be thinking. Oh! she thinks she is righteous. I might have my own share of flaws but have in mind that keeping on the right side of things is always a fulfilling thing. Blessings

    Inspired by My fantasy trip.


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