Vacant lodge

The smell of woods breeze filled with soil and trees, the smell of alpine wood makes my mind dazzling with comfort , it is just the handmade table and old chairs infront of the yellowish orange fire fillng the room with roasted smells , the fur of bear on the floor spreading warmth to my feet , sitting there beside you on the old sofa in silent watching the fire ,sipping my coffee, i never felt this peace long time ago, yes i know you’re my soul retriever, i know you can read my thoughts , our looks do speak without sound, yes i feel the time has stopped , i can hear our bodies asking for touching, our skins begging for attracting, i feel your mouth on my neck just touching and heavy breathing beside my ear,your hand embracing my body, sliding on my back skin with sparks , as if i want to cry of missing you so much, , our entwined legs just with a low motion , caressing, embracing, then , i feel you inside me with moving slowly, time has stopped and i am wandering in sky of my mind , closing my eyes ,just the smell of fire and silence, your hair smell touching my face . The peace i feel is divine , only you and me .

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