Our night

I can see it in my mind , your skin , smell the hard breath , the sharp looks , yes i am a little bit afraid, pulling away , some strong force is attracting me , wanting you to touch me , to kiss me ,the heat i feel inside and outside, silence is all i can hear , and your lips i feel just touching mine . I can see myself sitting then lying still with no words or movement, just waiting for you to come , i see you approching me very slow with moonlight slipping from the window, i feel your hard breath all over of my helpless body , and the close touch between my thighs , yes its hard but delicat , the pressing increasing but i don’t want to move , then i feel you inside me with your breath on my neck , with a very slow rhythmic movement of yours , i can feel your warmth inside, i feel we are one soul just lying in heaven, very tightened together , all i can wish the eternity of this moment in the sweet silence around us , i just lie my head on your chest hearing your heart beat and watching dawn light on the wall.

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